Robin Klemm: One of Oregon’s Most Valuable Angels

Portland Business Journal – 12/14/16

Robin Klemm’s passion for supporting entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, comes through whether she’s advising startups in our pipeline, helping with OAFfice hours, serving on diligence teams, or helping build community through “The Women of OAF” group. 

Lumencor (OAF '07) shines a transcendent light on a sustainable path to success

Built Oregon - 3/17/16

Back in 2007, a fledgling company took the leap and relocated to Oregon from California, bringing with them a revolutionary product idea and a desire to live and work in a state that could provide them with the best chance to see that idea blossom and thrive.

Amazon Wins Bidding War for Elemental (OAF '07)

The Oregonian - 9/22/15

Amazon Web Services beat out several other big-name tech companies in a bidding war for Elemental Technologies, according to a source close to the sale, agreeing to pay up to $500 million in a deal that delighted the downtown Portland company's investors but disappointed some employees. (OAF '14) Raises $3.5M to Help MDs Offer Remote Care

GeekWire- 7/21/15

The Portland-based startup today announced a $3.5 million Series A funding round that will help the company continue building out its healthcare platform. Oregon Angel Fund led the round, which included participation from Seven Peaks Ventures and the Stanford-StarX Fund.

Lumen Learning (OAF '15) Lures $2.5M

Education Week - 4/6/15

Lumen Learning, one of the better-known players in the world of open educational resources, announced that it has raised $2.5 million in private equity, money that will support the company's overall growth and its continued development of its courses across subjects.

Inpria (OAF ’14) Raises $9.9M For New Semiconductor Production Technology

The Oregonian - 6/19/14

Oregon startups typically start with small, local investors, and then hit up the big players once they've gained some traction.  Corvallis startup Inpria Corp. has done the reverse.

The company announced Thursday that it's raised $1.45 million from the Oregon Angel Fund, a collection of local investors backing early-stage startups. OAF has gotten in early on some of Oregon's most successful young companies.

Opal Labs (OAF ’13) Raises $2.1M, Launches Opal Moments

The Oregonian - 2/26/14

That random tweet from your favorite soda supplier or coffee company might come across as the offbeat musing of some anonymous marketing intern...

Opal wants to manage that online complexity. The 18-person Pearl District company has just completed a $2.1 million investment round, led by the Oregon Angel Fund, to help it develop and market collaboration software for social media marketers.

Little Bird (OAF ’13) raises $1.7M

The Wall Street Journal - 2/14/14

A Portland startup called Little Bird Inc. has raised $1.7 million in new angel funding for technology that helps sales and marketing professionals find and connect with authentic experts and influencers in a given subject on the social Web, namely via Twitter.

Celly (OAF ’12) Wins Oregon

EdSurge - 10/7/13

Celly, a private communications platform, is rocking the perfect procurement scenario with a partnership announced last month with the Oregon Department of Education.

With support from the Oregon Angel Fund, the company aimed to "build the smallest tool that could make the biggest impact," says Okamoto in an interview with EdSurge.

Green Zebra Grocery (OAF ’13) opens first healthy convenience store

The Oregonian - 10/5/13

Ah, the ambiance of convenience stores: hot dogs in a warming tray and row upon row of snacky, processed foods and drinks.

Lisa Sedlar had something else in mind. She dreamed for years of opening a chain of convenience stores with a focus on healthy eating...